Friday, January 20, 2017


It's not about you are giving up on someone.
Or it's not about you are neither giving hopes or hoping on someone.
But for me, it's about you are actually let the times decides and let the times heal all the scars that you got along the journey ; not loving but something like hoping to be loved but afraid to be rejected.

And i choose to let the memories fade despite all the prayers and the hopes and the faith I've been giving but now I am literally tired.
Tired of waiting something that is maybe for sure not for me.

Cried? Of course i cried. Because that person may not noticing me at all.
Despair? Maybe yes but it is such a fool to get depressed for something that is not for me.

I may stop now because it is unnecessary to share what I've done for that person or what that person done to me.

Meeting him just like a bless. And for sure, that person will be missed :')